By Dan Simmons

A chain of high-speed deadly vehicle wrecks -- injuries that appear. as though they could were staged -- is best Darwin Minor down a deadly street. A reluctantexpert on violent how one can die, he sifts clues from wreckage the best way an excellent coroner extracts damning details from a victim's corpse. however the deeper hedigs, the extra enemies he turns out to make, and the broader the conspiracy turns out to develop. sooner than lengthy, he will locate himself hoping on lethal assets of his personal inorder to avoid wasting his lifestyles -- and people of untold others.

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Helluva ride,” said Cameron. “Maybe the kid was going for a land speed record,” agreed Dar. “About this point, with the telephone poles flashing past in the dark like a picket fence—the rocket blast would’ve illuminated them—our boy had second thoughts. ” “Lot of good it did him,” said Cameron. The sergeant was almost whispering now. “Brake linings melted,” agreed Dar. “Brake drums melted. Tires started coming apart. ” said Cameron, his voice filling now with the future pleasure of telling and retelling this story.

I felt the cart tipping and my fingers starting to slip and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I mean, it was just too much weight for me, and then Bud looked at me with his good eye, and I think he knew what was going to happen, but I said, ‘Bud, Bud, it’ll be all right, I’ll hang on. I’ll hang onto this. ’” Henry looked at the curb for a full minute in silence. His cheeks were moist. When he spoke again, the animation was completely absent from his voice. “And then the cart tipped farther and fell over to its left and Bud couldn’t do anything because, like I said, he was paralyzed on his left side.

Dar set the Nikon between his legs, fumbled for the telephoto, and began changing lenses as he accelerated up and over the next hill at 165 miles per hour. Changing lenses was usually a two-handed job—one had to depress a button to release the lens before screwing the new one on—but he had done it one-handed before. Just never at this speed. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a CHP patrol car coming the other way on the westernmost northbound lane, and glanced at his mirror in time to see the black-and-white CHP vehicle slewing through the median, its lights beginning to swirl and flash as it reversed direction to give chase.

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