By Willem B. Drees

The place will we come from? the place are we going? those are primary questions, which the human race has requested itself for centuries.
Presenting a short and available evaluation of up to date medical notion, Creation is an imaginitive and poetic exploration of the origins of the universe. WIllem Drees assesses the non secular and philosophical impression of medical theories of evolution and the wildlife, and examines the altering dating among us and our planet.

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Nonetheless there have been various claims during the last few years about the discovery of planets. In some cases the period, mass and distance to the main star have been determined. It may be quite likely that there are in our universe planets in abundance. They seem to form as a side product with the formation of a star out of dust. Would life emerge again on a suitable planet? On Earth the first forms of primitive life formed early, within a few hundred million years after the crust formed. Is that typical?

However, we expect the computer to reply ‘70’ because that is the right answer. With computers we have started to use a second level of description, describing it as a machine that deals with numbers and ideas. The crux is that engineers have designed the computer in such a way that our expectations regarding the way numbers and ideas are managed correspond to the physical processes executed. Some years ago there was a problem with a Pentium chip; certain calculations went astray. There was nothing wrong with mathematics, the world of ideas.

The other subspecies, ‘Neanderthaler’, is often depicted with apish looks, but they too had their culture; Mousterian culture. If we look at their culture with the same criteria in mind we may perhaps conclude that they too had a sense of beauty and the ability to use abstract thought. They too buried their dead with rituals, and exhibited highly developed social behaviour. At La Chapelle aux Saints remnants have been found of a man who had lived to a relatively old age, about thirty years, despite the fact that he must have been severely handicapped during his life.

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