By Roopak Sinha, Parthasarathi Roop, Samik Basu

This ebook describes an procedure for designing Systems-on-Chip such that the approach meets specific mathematical necessities. The methodologies provided allow embedded platforms designers to reuse highbrow estate (IP) blocks from latest designs in an effective, trustworthy demeanour, instantly producing right SoCs from a number of, in all probability mismatching, components.

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2 (Path). A path in a KS M starting from a state s is an infinite sequence of states π = so s1 s2 . .. such that (si , si+1 ) ∈ T holds for all i ≥ 0. We will use PATH(s) to denote the set of paths starting from state s in KS. 1 Model Checking 27 5 y, g 3 0 1 6 r, r r, g g, r y, y 2 7 4 g, y r, y y, r 8 Indicates ns light status Indicates ew light status g, g Fig. 2 Example: Model of a Traffic Light Controller We use a pedagogic example of a traffic light controller presented in [KG99] to motivate formal modelling.

These include symbolic techniques using BDD and SAT, abstraction based techniques such as refinement, and compositional verification techniques. A detailed discussion of these is beyond the scope of this text. 2 Module Checking • i=1: ( • i=2: 37 = ) ( = ) Iteration 2 : Formula EX(ew = g) 5 y, g 3 0 1 6 r, r r, g g, r EX(ew = g) (ew = g) (ew = g) EX(ew = g) y, y 7 2 4 g, y y, r r, y 8 Indicates ns light status Indicates ew light status g, g (ew = g) EX(ew = g) Fig. 2 Module Checking In the previous section, we considered the verification of closed systems.

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