By Bronislaw Malinowski

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Child's quasi-magical influence over adults. Mastery over words side by side with mastery over things. Defective speech identified with defecthe mentality. The craftsman and the schoolman. Citizenship and sociological terminologies. Binding force of legal words. Contracts and oaths their mystical virtue. The theory of Durkheim criticised. Two peaks of linguistic effectiveness (magical and pragmatic) to be found in : all cultures Monsieur Coue and his Trobriand colleague. Christian Advertising and beauty magic.

Moreover, 'hand , 'foot , and 'arm , 5 5 , 5 5 in every European language the derived and metaphorical and idiomatic uses of 'eye , 'hand and 'foot are so little co-ordinated meine that they cannot be equated. 'My two legs could not be set We neither eat nor Seine. zwei Beine ; it would have to be meine beiden sleep linguistically in the same manner: while the Englishman 'sleeps with the Frenchman couche avec. As to eating, a Frenchman's 5 5 5 5 5 , = i CORAL GARDENS AND THEIR MAGIC 4 bien manger becomes in Mines well'.

23 Lasawa. Derivation unknown. Connected with production of tubers. 24 Valuvalova kalcti : : Also yo'uribwala and 25 Yobunatolu (derivation). 26 Tattfi tageguda, tata'i tamatuwo, referring to the cutting of the yam creates yobunatolu. abundance of foliage. Text 59. supports. 27 I-lova kaluvakosi, 'he throw the 28 Text 60 29 Puri (clusters of tubers). vapuri. : 30 Vapwanini. 31 Ta-sasali. 32 Text 61 33 Commentary: vakam. 34 Ritual eating of 35 Text 62 36 Text 63 on kaydabana magic. 37 Text 64: : Div.

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