By Paulo Garrido, Filomena Soares, António Paulo Moreira

The biennial CONTROLO meetings are the most occasions promoted via

The CONTROLO 2016 – 12th Portuguese convention on automated keep watch over, Guimarães, Portugal, September 14th to 16th, was once prepared through Algoritmi, college of Engineering, collage of Minho, in partnership with INESC TEC, and promoted by means of the Portuguese organization for automated keep an eye on – APCA, nationwide member association of the foreign Federation of computerized keep watch over – IFAC.

The seventy-five papers released during this quantity disguise a variety of subject matters. Thirty-one of them, of a extra theoretical nature, are disbursed one of the first 5 elements: keep an eye on thought; optimum and Predictive keep watch over; Fuzzy, Neural and Genetic regulate; Modeling and id; Sensing and Estimation.

The papers move from state-of-the-art theoretical examine to leading edge keep watch over functions and express expressively how automated keep watch over can be utilized to extend the health of people.

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For the case (i), the Lyapunov function decreases enough to be over the bound for any initial velocity larger than 0 (See Fig. 3) but we have to ensure that an actual commutation is produced. 999 J, then the Lyapunov function decreases until the lum enters in the case (ii). 26 rad. To obtain this value, the maximum possible velocity in A which satisfies that the Lyapunov function decreases in a semi-period is computed (Fig. 0336 J is got. Finally, we compute the nearest angle to the upright position with this energy.

Example 1 Let  be a time-varying code of period ???? = 2 over the finite field ????7 constituted by the (3, 2, 1) subcodes 0 = (A0 , B0 , C0 , D0 ), where 1 = (A1 , B1 , C1 , D1 ) [ ] [ ] [ ] A0 = A1 = 1 , B0 = 1 2 , B1 = 2 3 , [ ] [ ] [ ] C0 = C1 = 1 , D0 = 2 1 , D1 = 4 6 . By Proposition 1. (b) this code is MDP since d0,11 b0,2 − d0,12 b0,1 = 2 × 2 − 1 × 1 ≠ 0. 4 we However, the subcode 1 is not MDP, since by Definition [ ] [ have ] that L = 1 but d1c (1 ) < 3. Indeed, considering the inputs u0 = 21 and u1 = 00 , we have that 20 R.

In this paper we focus on the following more local distance measure. Definition 3 The jth column distance of the code  described by (1) is defined as djc () = min u0 ≠0 { j ∑ wt(ut ) + t=0 j ∑ } wt(yt ) , t=0 where the minimum weight is to be taken among all the codewords that start with a nonzero information vector. The column distances satisfy d0c ≤ d1c ≤ ⋯ ≤ lim djc = dfree (), j→∞ and have the following upper bounds [11]. Proposition 1 For every j ∈ ℕ0 , we have djc () ≤ (n − k)(j + 1) + 1.

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