By Mannava V.K. Sivakumar, Rattan Lal, Ramasamy Selvaraju, Ibrahim Hamdan

The international locations of West Asia and North Africa (WANA) have lengthy had the problem of supplying sustainable livelihoods for his or her populations within the fragile ecosystems of semi-arid and arid parts. weather swap is already a truth in WANA and it locations extra constraints at the already fragile ecosystems of dry components and constrained normal assets in WANA. A finished and built-in method of making plans and imposing the weather switch edition ideas around the wide variety of agro-ecosystems in numerous nations in WANA may possibly aid either the planners and the neighborhood groups to deal successfully with the projected affects and likewise give a contribution to total sustainability of agricultural creation platforms. This e-book addresses the $64000 factor of weather swap and nutrients defense in West Asia and North Africa and offers the right ideas which may assist in the improvement of recent rules to raised adapt agriculture creation structures and increase meals protection in WANA.

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Disappearance of fragile ecosystems in desert and arid/semiarid areas is expected due to frequent drought and over grazing. Forced shifts in species habitats and increased risk of wildfire are expected to have negative effects on the health of herds. Increased probability of trans-boundary animal diseases may result impacts on prices, conflicts and food security. For the drylands of West Asia and North Africa it is not the effects of increased temperature per se that are of major concern but rather the expected changes in precipitation, storm events, snow fall and snowmelt, evapotranspiration, run-off and soil moisture, that will disturb the hydrological cycles.

A) Median annual temperature change (°C); (b) median annual precipitation change (%; displays only locations where two-thirds of CGCMs agree on sign of change); (c) standard deviation (across 16 GCMs) of annual temperature changes (°C); (d) number of models projecting wetter conditions minus number of models projecting drier conditions period in comparison to 1980–2009. 5 °C hotter and higher temperature increases in arid lands and away from the coast. The areas with greatest projected warming are the border of Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan, the inland Saharan borders of Algeria and Mauritania, and the middle of the Arabian Desert.

54 million tons of rainfed wheat (Amiri and Eslamian 2010). In the north-eastern Syria, for example, herders lost almost 85 % of their livestock due to repeated droughts since 2005. In the Mediterranean, a rise in sea surface temperature (SST) produced shifts in the distribution and abundance of fish species. Coral bleaching has been witnessed in the region and in 1998; El-Niño induced coral bleaching and mangrove loss in parts of the Gulf of Aden and Red Sea. 4 R. Selvaraju Implications of Climate Change on Natural Resources Climate change projections show overall deterioration of climatic conditions.

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