By Jing Bian

This booklet presents an research of the advance of the chinese language securities industry, with designated connection with the data disclosure regimes in Mainland China, the united kingdom, and Hong Kong. It examines the indexed businesses, inventory exchanges, securities businesses, monetary intermediaries, monetary regulators and investor defense of the approach in China, the united kingdom and Hong Kong. The ebook seems on the function and services of the securities regulatory fee, and highlights the main points and insights that mostly display the prior and present prestige of the data disclosure regime within the chinese language securities marketplace. by means of settling on difficulties and their purposes, the ebook kinds an method of extra improve securities regulation.

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With the identification of problems and the reasons behind them, the book investigates an approach to develop securities regulation, in particular with the regards to the information disclosure system in China. Furthermore, the findings also help to understand the importance of maintaining a fair, open and transparent disclosure regime in the securities market. Moreover, it also provides an understanding of the differences between legal systems. I am grateful to the following for permission to use material in which they hold copyright: Sweet & Maxwell for material incorporated into Chapter 4, Prof.

95 per cent of individual investors and 24 per cent of institutional investors thought the information disclosure system should be improved. 43 per cent of individual investors and 8 per cent of institutional investors stated that the accountants did not fulfil their duties. 33 per cent of the individual interviewees and 27 per cent of institutional interviewees believed that the listed companies did not fulfil their obligations of disclosure. 37 per cent (individual investors) and 3 per cent (institutional investors).

The weak EMH claims that prices on traded assets reflect all the past publicly available information. The semi-strong EMH claims that prices reflect all publicly available information, and the prices also react instantly to new changes of public information. Third, the strong EMH asserts that prices instantly reflect all the information, including publicly available and private information. According to EMH, in an efficient capital market, the prices of securities reflect their true market value.

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