By Dinh Van Tuan

This thesis provides an in-depth theoretical research of cost and spin shipping houses in advanced kinds of disordered graphene. It is determined by leading edge genuine area computational tools of the time-dependent spreading of digital wave packets. First a common scaling legislations of the elastic suggest loose course as opposed to the common grain measurement is expected for polycrystalline morphologies, and cost mobilities of as much as 300.000 cm2/V.s are decided for 1 micron grain dimension, whereas amorphous graphene membranes are proven to act as Anderson insulators. An exceptional spin leisure mechanism, particular to graphene and pushed via spin/pseudospin entanglement is then pronounced within the presence of vulnerable spin-orbit interplay (gold ad-atom impurities) including the prediction of a crossover from a quantum spin corridor impact to spin corridor impression (for thallium ad-atoms), counting on the measure of floor ad-atom segregation and the ensuing island diameter.

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While NEGF is usually used for small systems such as carbon nanotubes (CNT), graphene nanoribons (GNRs), due to the cubic-scaling time consumption, the linear-scaling Kubo-Greenwood quantum transport simulation method is a very effective method to investigate the transport properties of the large-scale disorder systems. In this chapter, the theoretical background of Kubo-Greenwood formalism, the real-space Kubo formulas for conductivity and the Einstein relations are derived in the first section.

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