By Carl Snyder

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The philosophy of the Greeks, the physical views of the Middle Ages, and even those of a more recent period have been eminently imbued with the charm springing from similar illusive phantoms of the imagination. At the limits of circumscribed knowledge, as from lofty island shore, the eye endeavours to penetrate to distant regions. The belief in the uncommon and the wonderful lends a definite outline to every manifestation of ideal creation; and the realm of fancy becomes thus involuntarily blended with the domain of reality.

W e cling to these primitive fantasies, dreams, and comfort thoughts with an almost fanatical intensity. The history of human progress is mainly a record of the overcoming of these entrenched emotions. With a desperate effort mankind came to accept even such ideas as the shape and size of 28 CAPITALISM T H E CREATOR the earth, its place in space, and the origin and history of the human race. These discoveries and findings were, when made, a terrible blow to our feelings of importance, to our dignity.

6 The latter term does not imply any vapid and empty phrase like 'consumer buying' and all its endless cousins; but covers the whole wide range of buyers, including all the factories and mines, the railroads and public utilities, and myriad other industrial enterprises, just as much consumers as those who buy groceries or clothes or fineries, or go to the moving picture shows. Simon Newcomb did not fuss or fiddle over whether this or that product was to be listed as consumers' or producers' goods.

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