By Frank Moore Cross

Directed towards a synthesis of the historical past of the faith of Israel, the essays during this quantity deal with key elements of Israelite non secular improvement. Frank Moore go lines the continuities among early Israelite faith and the Caananite tradition from which it emerged, explores the stress among the mythic and the historic in Israel's non secular expression, and examines the reemergence of Caananite mythic fabric within the apocalypticism of early Christianity and the useless Sea Scrolls.

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85. The syntax is not wholly clear. Ijaman probably stands independently in parallelism. 86. Philo Byblius lists four such divine mountains from Sakkunyaton's lore: Casius, Lebanon, Mt. , the cypress (mountain), Greek {3paOv, Hebrew beros, which is the Amanus. The relation between bamiin HAman us" and the god who appears as Ijumunni and Ijammanni in Hurrian and Hittite sources is not wholly clear. See I. J. Gelb, P. M. Purvis, and A. A. MacRae, Nuzi Personal Names, 01P 57 (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1943), p.

113 The latter connection can provide an explanation for the identification of Tannit in the West with Hera the consort of Zeus. On the other hand, Tannit is also identified with OpS,114 consort of Saturn, the counterpart of Rhea~ and is called Nutrix or Nutrix Saturni,115 and Jm, "mother. "116 She is~ in short, a mother goddess and a virgin bride. Hera also is a mother goddess, and as participant in the hieros galnos called parthenos. 117 In 1967 the writer proposed to read the Proto-Sinaitic Text 347 tnt [tannittu] "Tannit.

2 -6; cf. Herodotus L 105. 108. The incense altar in question together with the Greek caduceus belong to the ancestry of the Punic caduceus. 109. In Diodorus' story of Derketo, doves play an important role. lID. 10. Ill. The epithet .. 4. 198. 20 I. 112. See H. Hamburger. " IE}, 4 (1954). 224. No. 137 (PI. 20. 137). The goddess is 32 The Religion of Canaan and the God oj'lsrael On a priori grounds we should expect Punic JEI to have as his consort JElat. At Ugarit and in Sakkunyaton JElat-Asherah is theprimary wifeof JEt, and as such, the "Creatress of Creatures," and "Creatress of the gods," the great mother goddess.

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