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Transactions on Edutainment XI

This magazine subline serves as a discussion board for exciting and disseminating leading edge study rules, theories, rising applied sciences, empirical investigations, cutting-edge equipment, and instruments in all diversified genres of edutainment, equivalent to game-based studying and critical video games, interactive storytelling, digital studying environments, VR-based schooling, and similar fields.

Protect Yourself Secret of Unarmed Defense

In perfecting the program of self-defense in hand-to-hand wrestle, it's been the writers aim to make on hand to someone an easy set of safeguard measures designed for use in any emergency the place ones individual is at risk of actual attack. totally defined either in photos and phrases within the pages of this ebook, those holds and throws allow you to provide yourself with protection from the tips of jujitsu, judo, mugging, and all kinds of actual assault.

Lessons in Sabre, Singlestick

Учебник фехтования второй половины XIX века (фехтование саблей, палашом). Учебник имеет явно выраженную военно-прикладную направленность (защита от штыка, разрубание предметов). Автор книги - John Musgrave Waite - в свое время считался лучшим фехтовальщиком в английской армии. В данном учебнике он описывает собственную систему фехтования, имеющую явно выраженный военно-прикладной характер.

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The main front organisation for German writers living in Paris was the Schutruerband deutscher Schriftsteller (SDS), refounded after its dissolution by the Nazis, which matched the AEAR in France and the League of American Writers . Its Communist members included Anna Seghers and Alfred Kantorowicz who was general secretary; according to what had become standard practice, a fellow traveller, Rudolf Leonhard, was elected its first president. " By 1939 its membership was about fifty-seven thousand, indicating an average estimated readership for each book of a quarter of a million .

It is supported by many of those who have favoured a ' No first use' declaration . The possibility of realising it may be said to depend on four conditions: Iulfilmcn t by all NATO Govcrnrnen ts of their existing force goals; improvement of the effectiveness of NATO 's conventional forces by means of new and emerging technologies; adaptation of NATO's plans, making use of these technologies, to take full advantage of vulnerable points in the Warsaw Pact 's concept of operations; and willingness ofGovernments to make available the financial and other resources needed .

Purpose is to a lli'n th .. conduct ofthr- t act icn l ha t t!... 1:"1' is norrnallv used in this hook . 24 Campaigns Against Western Defence more probable situation of blackmail or intimidation by the threat ofaggression. If the threat is not likely to be carried out, it loses its force. Since it is central to the Alliance's philosophy, and has been publicly stated on many occasions, that NATO's weapons will never be used except in response to attack, this strategy provides a firm basis for the prevention of war.

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