By C. B. Spear

The up-to-date moment version of this ebook offers useful info for and software program engineers utilizing the SystemVerilog language to ensure digital designs. the writer explains technique options for developing testbenches which are modular and reusable. The booklet contains huge assurance of the SystemVerilog 3.1a constructs equivalent to periods, software blocks, randomization, assertions, and sensible insurance. This moment version encompasses a new bankruptcy that covers courses and interfaces in addition to chapters with up-to-date details on directed testbench and OOP, layered, and random testbench for an ATM change.

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This incremental approach makes steady progress, which is always popular with managers who want to see a project making headway. It also produces almost immediate results, since little infrastructure is needed when you are guiding the creation of every stimulus vector. Given ample time and staffing, directed testing is sufficient to verify many designs. Figure 1-1 shows how directed tests incrementally cover the features in the verification plan. Each test is targeted at a very specific set of design elements.

2 The Verification Methodology Manual This book in your hands draws heavily upon the VMM that has its roots in a methodology developed by Janick Bergeron and others at Qualis Design. They started with industry-standard practices and refined them based on their experience on many projects. VMM’s techniques were originally developed for use with the OpenVera language and were extended in 2005 for SystemVerilog. VMM and its predecessor, the Reference Verification Methodology for Vera, have been used successfully to verify a wide range of hardware designs, from networking devices to processors.

1 shows the SystemVerilog logic type. 1 Using the logic type module logic_data_type(input logic rst_h); parameter CYCLE = 20; logic q, q_l, d, clk, rst_l; initial begin clk = 0; // Procedural assignment forever #(CYCLE/2) clk = ~clk; end assign rst_l = ~rst_h; // Continuous assignment not n1(q_l, q); // q_l is driven by gate my_dff d1(q, d, clk, rst_l); // q is driven by module endmodule You can use the logic type to find netlist bugs as this type can only have a single driver. Rather than trying to choose between reg and wire, declare all your signals as logic, and you’ll get a compilation error if it has multiple drivers.

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