In Brill s spouse to George Grote and the Classical Tradition, Kyriakos Demetriou leads a staff of favourite students to contextualize, resolve and discover Grote's works in addition to supply a severe overview of his posthumous legacy."

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Thirty years after Mill’s death Grote sought to convey the qualities of mind, character, and speech that had made him such an authoritative figure. ”3 Grote himself, twenty-one years Mill’s junior, proved highly susceptible to the latter’s influence. ”4 In temperament, if not in opinion, Grote and Mill differed markedly. A letter Grote wrote to his close friend George Warde Norman in May 1819 attests to this difference. I have breakfasted and dined several times with Ricardo, who has been uncommonly civil and kind to me.

Grote still had commitments at the bank, and his father’s estate had yet to be fully settled. His wife, it seems, wanted him to use his hours of leisure to further his historical scholarship. ”35 Grote himself may well have doubted his fitness for public life. If James Mill thought the moment unpropitious for him to seek a seat in 30 See Morning Chronicle, 26 March 1831. 31 Examiner, 13 Feb. 1831. 32 Examiner, 24 April 1831. 33 Morning Chronicle, 25 April 1831. 34 Personal Life of George Grote, 68.

George Grote, The Philosophic Radical And Politician 31 and middle-class radicalism, Place had close ties to Bentham, James Mill, and the Grotes. His chief concern in October 1831 was to make sure the government understood that the public would not tolerate any backsliding on the issue of reform. Public pressure had to be of sufficient force and magnitude to compel Grey and his colleagues to stand up to the House of Lords. On 12 October Place led a deputation of representatives of metropolitan parishes that presented to Grey a memorial calling for the prompt reintroduction of the Reform Bill.

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