By Barbara Kleine-Kalmer

Barbara Kleine-Kalmer analyses the effect of branding in social networks and introduces the build of brand name web page attachment. at the foundation of a entire quantitative learn she validates the build as correct for person habit and investigates which tools and antecedents impact model web page attachment. via those conceptually and empirically profound analyses, the writer detects attention-grabbing implications for the administration of manufacturers within the context of social media.

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MARKETING SCIENCE INSTITUTE (2010), p. 4. Relevance of social networks for brand management Figure 4: Source: 17 Number of scholarly peer reviewed articles published in academic journals on the subject of customer engagement, November 2013 Own illustration. 111 Plus, engagement and its use in practice will also be illuminated. 109 Cf. VAN DOORN (2011), p. 280. 110 Cf. BRODIE ET AL. (2011), p. 255. 111 A detailed review on customer engagement and its assessment in academic disciplines like marketing, sociology, politics, psychology, and organizational theory is provided in BRODIE ET AL.

222. 196 Cf. MUNIZ/O'GUINN (2001), p. 413. 197 People with online affinity that live in Germany are connected to 9 brands or organizations on average via social networks. Cf. TNS (2012). Relevance of social networks for brand management 35 Hence, the brand that creates a profile in a social network does not own the user exclusively. Brand pages are embedded into a network of relationships between users that are friends or family. These relationships usually also exist in the offline world and have nothing to do with brands but with emotional connections between humans.

255. 119 Cf. VAN DOORN ET AL. (2010), p. 255. Relevance of social networks for brand management 20 fected. 120 • Customer goals The customers purpose of engaging should be considered. 121 BIJMOLT ET AL. (2010) agree with the behavioural conceptualisation of the construct customer engagement. 122 Detecting the value of social networks and their growing relevance within the marketing discipline, GUMMERUS ET AL. 123 The authors lean their conceptual perception on the definition provided by VAN DOORN ET AL.

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