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T. No. 2Z : Double salls 1. 'Om a chemicaJ supply store and a weJdingsupply store, l'eb"Pec tively. 2. ', and nitric acid : nm a tube from the ace ty lene bOUle to • the silver-nitmle container; ,,,nd open the valve . Continue with slep 5. Sec. I, No. , teaspoon hyd rochloric acid 10 the m etal/acid solution jf possible. ' yield. 2. Two great addHives to plain mercury fulminate are lead azide in it 2:3 ratio (2 parts mercury fulminate, 3 pariS lead azide). and potassium chlorate in a 1 :4 ratio.

Potassium nitrate, saltpeter , saltpetre, n itl'l~ . Drug stores, garden su pply stores, ftreworks supply stores, or Sec. I, No. 2. Zinc Metal - Zinc, metallic zinc, zinc strips, mossy zInc, etc . Chemical supply stores. ical supply stores. fJotassium Nitrate - Zinc O,xide - Po rassium N j(rile - l'otassium nitrite . Ch e mical s upply stores 01' Sec. I. No. 18 (not for internal u se!. Potassium nitrite can alsu be obtained by heating a small amount of potassium nitrate gently for about 5 minutes and lei c ool.

I, No. 19: ODNP 1. DDNP is, by far, a superior primary explosive to all the others mentioned in the Black Book$. While it if> more complicated to manufacture than lead azide or' similar primary explosives, it is far more powerful and has il higher detonation velocity. 2. Certain chemical supply stores sell a 9~per'(;cnt (super saturated) solution of picric acid. Using the recommended amount of lhis solution and adding % teaspoon of lye vvill give you a satisfactory mixture. Sec. I, No. 20: Lead piaale 1.

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