By Andile Mngxitama, Amanda Alexander, Nigel C. Gibson (eds.)

This assortment seems on the on-going importance of Black realization, situating it in a world body, studying the legacy of Steve Biko, the present country of post-apartheid South African politics, and the tradition and historical past of the anti-apartheid movements.

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And then the next move we made was the following year [at the NUSAS conference in July 1968]. What we ultimately did was to use an occasion that arose over this permit law. There was a big argument. Africans can only stay for 72 hours within a white area. So at the end of the first 72 hours a debate was introduced as to what should be done. Do we take a walk out of the magisterial area and come back for a new 72 hours, or do we defy the law. Now the whites were claiming that no, we should just take a walk.

GERHART In your view, is a white communist and a liberal white just basically the same thing? No, not in terms of their ideologies, but in terms of their significance for the black struggle. They’re pretty much the same when you consider their operations in the past, and their control measures, even down to the present day actually. They’re different if you look at their slants. The liberals, Alan Paton and so on, one would reject at any stage, any stage be it now on up to the revolution. There are some leftist whites who have attachment to say the same rough principles of post-revolutionary society, but a lot of them are still terribly cynical about, for instance, the importance of value systems which we enunciate so often, from the black consciousness angle.

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