By Bence Nanay

What mediates among sensory enter and motor output? this can be the most easy query one could ask concerning the brain. there's stimulation in your retina, anything occurs on your cranium after which you hand reaches out to snatch the apple in entrance of you. what's it that occurs in among? What representations be sure that you to snatch this apple?

Bence Nanay calls those representations that make sure that you to snatch the apple "pragmatic representations." In Between belief and Action he argues that pragmatic representations whose functionality is to mediate among sensory enter and motor output play an immensely vital function in our psychological lifestyles. and so they aid us to provide an explanation for why nearly all of what is going on in our brain is particularly just like the easy psychological strategies of animals.

The human brain, just like the brain of non-human animals, has been chosen for permitting us to accomplish activities effectively. And nearly all of our activities, just like the activities of non-human animals, couldn't be played with out perceptual counsel. And what presents the perceptual counsel for appearing activities are pragmatic representations.

If we settle for this framework, many vintage questions in philosophy of belief and of motion will glance very diversified. the purpose of this booklet is to track a few of the results of this fashion of considering the brain in a few branches of philosophy in addition to in psychology and cognitive technology.

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As we have seen, action-properties are relational properties with two relata: the object’s property and some property of myself or my own behavior (in this case, the size of the cup and my own grip size). But they are attributed to the object—the cup, not my hand. Attributing a property to the cup—of having a certain size related to my grip size—is different from attributing a property to my hand of having a certain grip size related to the cup’s size, in the same way as attributing the property of being left of the pine tree to the cedar is different from attributing the property of being right of the cedar to the pine tree.

4 Pragmatic representations are perceptual states What are pragmatic representations? 5 I defined pragmatic representations as the representational component of mental states that make actions actions—that constitute the difference between actions and mere bodily movements, whatever they may be. I will now argue that if 5 This proposal is not entirely new. Kent Bach (Bach 1978, p. ” See also my Nanay 2012a and 2011a, where I explicitly argued for a version of this claim, using different arguments.

The details of the rest of the scene are not coded at all, but they are available to us all along—we have “immediate perceptual access” to them without representing them (O’Regan 1992, Noë 2004, especially pp. 22–4). One may wonder whether these enactivist claims about the nature of perception give us reason to abandon the idea of perceptual representations per se, or maybe only to conclude that they are not static or not detailed. In short, some of the enactivist arguments may give us good reason to prefer certain kinds of perceptual representations over others within the representationalist framework.

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