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The Roman empire extensively affected geographical conceptions, evoking new methods of describing the earth and of creating its heritage. This booklet explores the writings of 3 literary figures of the age--Polybius, Posidonius, and Strabo--and how they used and reworked pre-existing Greek traditions so that it will describe the recent international of Rome.

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The Israel/Palestine Question: A Reader (Rewriting Histories)

Drawing on debates from the final twenty years, and together with a brand new sections on women's background within the sector and new articles on minorities and land possession, this publication offers the newest advancements within the Arab-Israeli clash and a reassessment of Israel's past.

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Goths in the Fourth Century (Liverpool University Press - Translated Texts for Historians)

This quantity brings jointly many vital ancient texts, the vast majority of them (speeches of Themistius, the fervour of St Saba, and proof with regards to the existence and paintings of Ulfila) now not formerly to be had in English translation. ". .. a compact and intriguing homemade package for the scholar of Gothic background.

Max Weber's Comparative-Historical Sociology

The revival of historic sociology in fresh a long time has mostly missed the contributions of Max Weber. but Weber's writings supply a basic source for studying difficulties of comparative ancient improvement. Stephen Kalberg rejects the view that Weber's old writings include an ambiguous mix of fragmented perfect forms at the one hand and the charting of huge procedures of clarification and paperwork at the different.

The Italian Renaissance in the German Historical Imagination, 1860-1930

In the direction of the top of the 19th century, Germany's bourgeois elites grew to become enthralled through the civilization of Renaissance Italy. As their very own nation entered a part of serious socioeconomic adjustments, German historians and writers reinvented the Italian Renaissance because the onset of a heroic modernity: an excellent sunrise that ushered in an age of secular individualism, imbued with ruthless power and a neo-pagan zest for good looks.

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T . 94S). 35· T h e publication date of this work makes it remarkable that the explicit and implicit prejudices underlying its arguments were not opposed at the time. 72 C. Glacken, Traces on the Rhodian Shore: Nature and Culture in Western Thought from Ancient Times to the End of the Eighteenth Century (Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1967), 103. 69 But the view that ancient authors used geography only as a setting for history is commonly held. Even of Herodotus' Histories, in which geography and history literally progress together, it has been said that 'geography provides the physical background, the stage setting, in relation to which historical events take on meaning'.

1 0 2 T h e author announces that he will start at the Pillar of Hercules on the European side and 100 T h e idea of narratives being 'emplotted' so as to lead to certain expectations and 'the sense of an ending' is discussed in detail by Ricoeur, 'Narrative Time'. Plot, according to Ricoeur, imposes on mere succession an episodic dimension and pattern, which lead to the sense of ending. I recall Starr, 'Historical and Philosophical T i m e ' , on the patterned nature of history, as opposed to a strict chronological succession (See above, p.

Dewald, 'Narrative Surface and Authorial Voice in Herodotus' Histories', Arethusa, 20 (1987), 147-70· 88 J. Marincola, 'Herodotean Narrative and the Narrator's Presence', Arethusa, 20 (1987), 121-38. 89 T h e opposite view of self-representation in historical texts is taken by J. J. Winkler, ' T h e Mendacity of Kalasiris and the Narrative Strategy of M o d e r n geographers have recently set out formally the problem of authorial presence or absence. It was long traditional for geographers to absent themselves from their texts in an attempt to appear to give the definitive account of a region, partly in reaction to preceding value-laden colonial accounts, in which the invariably superior cultural viewpoint of the conquerors was firmly written into the text.

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