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The Venerable Bede—theologian, historian, and medical cosmologist—played an indisputable function in laying the principles of the fashionable international. From his quantitative method of questions of technology to his advent of the Anno Domini method of courting and his serious equipment of biblical research, Bede either expected and prompted our sleek methods of considering. Bede: On Genesis is the 1st English-language translation of Bede’s Latin observation at the publication of Genesis—the commencing chapters of which he considered as the foundational narrative of the area and during which he derived the theoretical foundation for his clinical treaties and his proposal of the English because the selected humans of God. followed by means of an informative creation that makes Bede’s remark available to somebody with an curiosity in his paintings, this quantity is a necessary contribution to ecclesiastical heritage.

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Bede uncovers the physical details of his cosmology from the subsequent verses of the Genesis narrative of creation. There is a higher heaven and a lower heaven. The higher heaven or the ‘heaven of heavens’ lies beyond human sight. 149 The lower heaven extends from the ethereal realm of the narrate the glory of God, and the firmament declares the work of his hands. / Day utters speech to day, and night shows knowledge to night. / There are no speeches nor languages, where their voices are not heard’ (Ps.

166). 172 In Gen. 1942-46 (below, p. 199). indd 34 19/2/08 14:49:56 INTRODUCTION 35 planets (although Bede doesn’t go into the technical details here, his science includes the sun and the moon among the wandering stars). They too mark days and seasons and years. 176 The fifth day saw the creation of all animals that are associated with the elements of air and water. There were no gaps; all species of birds and fishes came into being at once. 177 All these species depend on air for the breath of life and on water.

Bede draws his commentary on Genesis to its conclusion with a long and eloquent exposition of Gen. 21:9-10 (‘And when Sarah had seen the son of Hagar the Egyptian playing, she said to Abraham, Cast out this bondwoman and her son, for the son of the bondwoman shall 101 In Gen. 4-8 (below, p. 215). 102 On the spiritual level there is not opposition, but continuity. Bede remarks that the elect who were born before the Incarnation are called the Synagogue; those who were born after, the Church; ea fidelium portio quae incarnationis dominicae tempora praecessit sinagoga quae uero hanc secuta est ecclesia nuncupatur (In Cant.

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