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5 20 Chapter 1 Detailed discussion of rolling-element bearing precision is included in Chapter 13. Although rolling-element bearings are widely used in high-precision machine tools, there is an increasing requirement for higher levels of precision. Rolling-element bearings always involve a certain level of noise and vibrations, and there is a limit to their precision. 9 NONCONTACT BEARINGS FOR PRECISION APPLICATIONS Three types of noncontact bearings are of special interest for precision machining, because they can run without any contact between the sliding surfaces in the bearing.

An example of a multigrade oil that is widely used in motor vehicle engines is SAE 5W-30. The viscosity of SAE 5W-30 in a cold engine is about that of the low-viscosity oil SAE 5W, while its viscosity in the hot engine during operation is about that of the higher-viscosity oil SAE 30. The viscosity of synthetic oils is also less sensitive to temperature variations, in comparison to regular mineral oils, and the development of synthetic oils during recent years has been to a great extent motivated by this advantage.

The imperial units for PV are of pressure, in psi, multiplied by velocity, in ft=min. Conclusion. Although the limits of the velocity and pressure are met, the PV value exceeds the allowed limit for self-lubricated sintered bronze bearing material, where the PV limit is 110,000 psi-ft=min. b. Radial Bearing Calculation of Average Pressure P¼ Fr A Classi¢cation and Selection of Bearings 25 where A ¼ LD is the projected area of the bearing. Substitution yields P¼ Fr 1200 lbf ¼ 1200 psi ¼ LD 1 in: Â 1 in: Calculation of Journal Surface Velocity.

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