By Dinesh Sharma

The 1st 18 years of President Obama's existence, from his start in 1961 to his departure for school in 1979, have been spent in Hawai'i and Indonesia. those years essentially formed the characteristics for which the grownup Obama is noted—his protean id, his nuanced appreciation of a number of perspectives of a similar item, his cosmopolitan breadth of view, and his self-rooted "outpost" patriotism. Barack Obama in Hawai'i and Indonesia: The Making of an international President is the 1st examine to envision, in interesting aspect, how his early years impacted this distinct leader.Existing biographies of President Obama are essentially political remedies. right here, cross-cultural psychologist and consultant Dinesh Sharma explores the connections among Obama's early upbringing and his grownup perspectives of civil society, secular Islam, and globalization. The e-book attracts at the author's on-the-ground learn and large first-hand interviews in Jakarta; Honolulu; ny; Washington, DC; and Chicago to judge the multicultural inputs to Obama's personality and the ways that they ready him to satisfy the demanding situations of worldwide management within the twenty first century.

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Likewise, Americans may have been the first to build modern solar panels, but now they have fallen behind Germany, Japan, and Spain in clean energy technologies. �Friedman has argued convincingly that we cannot continue to pursue the same energy policies and believe crude oil will continue to flow cheaply, like beer at the local tavern. Social and political paradigms shift generationally, at least in the way Thomas Kuhn, the brilliant historian of science, conceptualized them in the Structure of Scientific Revolutions (Kuhn 1963).

Americans have witnessed an increasingly diverse mass of humanity coming through their shores and borders. The American people also sense that the challenges they confront for the next century may be radically different than the challenges their parents and grandparents confronted. In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Americans have felt under siege at home and abroad, especially in the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In electing Barack Obama, Americans have made a choice; a clarion call has been sent out to the world that America is still one of the most egalitarian nations on the planet.

According to Benjamin Akande, the dean of the Webster University School of Business, some of the notable personalities of the Obama generation include several prominent Africans in America: Kwame Anthony Appiah, Wole Soyinka, and Chinua Achebe in academia; Hakeem Â�Olajuwon and Joseph Addai in sports; and Gbenga Akinnagbe and Akon in entertainment (Akande 2008). In many respects, these recent Africans are different from the African American population. As an American of Kenyan descent, Obama’s story validates Ogbu’s theory that the caste-like pathologies that plague some segments of the Â�American population and can be a social barrier are not evident among the new African immigrants.

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