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You can't do that! -whole class activity The class is divi ded into equal teams. Each t ea m ta kes it in turns to mime a 'forbidden' activity. The oth er teams compete to tell the mime artist that what he or she is doing is dilarang. The information must be relayed in a full Indonesian sentence. Only one person from each team may try to answer- but the team members can ask each other for hel p ! Teams score one point for each correct answer. The first team to sco re 5 po ints wins. For variation you can use tidak boleh or jangan wh ich make the instruction a little more polite!

Nama saya Hana. Oh, begitu, ya? Terima kasih atas nasihat kamu. V~ • Mick hampir menghabiskan semua nasi goreng itu. aneh berasal dari dibuka (buka) ditawarkan (tawar) dihabiskan (habis) ke sini sebentar kelihatannya (lihat) kenyang meletus (letus) strange, weird to come from (originally) taken off, opened which is offered it was all finished come here a minute it looks, its appearance is to be satisfied (full) to explode, to burst menerima (terima) menggunakan nasi hat sebenarnya (benar) sedikitpun!

Smile, and remember to use the 'please' words! • If things really go wrong just say Minta maaf as politely as possible and hope you'll be forgiven!! Visiting others at home A good time to visit Indonesian families is around dusk between 4 and 6 pm -the sore part of the day. Avoiding the tidur siang (afternoon nap) time between 2 and 4 pm is usually wise. Calling out Permisi as you approach rather than just knocking is more common. It lets the host know you are coming and you will probably hear the response Silakan masuk before you get to the door.

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