By Christopher Kirwan

St Augustine the churchman and theologian has continually been stated as an incredible determine within the heritage of western Christianity. In our secular age, Augustine the thinker is much less often acclaimed, even supposing a few of his theological philosophy richly merits the eye of a much wider viewers than scholars of the philosophy of faith. Augustine's own spiritual event steered him to extricate himself from scepticism, and led him to review sorts of wisdom, the character of guy, the universe, and production, the mind/body challenge, the character of time, and the matter of loose will. Christopher Kirwan appears at those significant topics in Augustine's paintings in the course of the severe eye of the trendy thinker.

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St Augustine the churchman and theologian has constantly been stated as an enormous determine within the background of western Christianity. In our secular age, Augustine the thinker is much less regularly acclaimed, even though a few of his theological philosophy richly merits the eye of a much broader viewers than scholars of the philosophy of faith.

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57, line 25. 11 Martyrium sancti Iacobi Persae, ed. Balestri and Hyvernat, p. 58, lines 11-5. 12 The entry in the modern Synaxarium for 16 Khoiak, which commemorates “the consecration of the church of Saint James the Persian” (cf. Maurice de Fenoyl, Le sanctoral copte (Beirut, 1960), p. 100), does not seem to be connected with the present tradition. bringing home the homeless 43 account of the more or less miraculous and eventful transfer of the relics of the saint from the place of his death to one or several of the cult places where he was venerated.

19 The Martyrdom of Saint James the Persian stands, therefore, in a venerable tradition. It must be noted, however, that early Egyptian hagiography from monastic milieus bears witness to a strong countercurrent. The authors of several ancient monks’ lives willingly deny themselves the pleasure of expanding their biographies with juicy additions such as a translatio or a volume of posthumous miracles. Instead, they expressly state that the place of burial of their hero was unknown or even purposely kept secret.

Again, Peter the Iberian had to flee persecution. At first he intended to return to Gaza, where he was a bishop, but a vision of Saint James the Persian himself stopped him. The saint ordered him to stay in Egypt and to transport his body to Pemje, the town known in Greek as Oxyrhynchus, and nowadays called al-Bahnasa. He promised Peter to guide him until his relics would have reached their place of destination. 8 Proterius, however, heard about Peter’s stay in Oxyrhynchus and sent soldiers there in order to arrest him.

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