By William Faulkner

Chosen through the trendy Library as one of many a hundred most sensible novels of all time From the fashionable Library's new set of fantastically repackaged hardcover classics via William Faulkner-also to be had are Snopes, The Sound and the Fury, mild in August, Absalom, Absalom!, and chosen brief tales one in every of William Faulkner's most interesting novels, As I Lay death, initially released in 1930, is still a charming and stylistically leading edge paintings. the tale revolves round a grim but darkly funny pilgrimage, as Addie Bundren's family members units out to meet her final want: to be buried in her local Jefferson, Mississippi, faraway from the depressing backwater atmosphere of her married existence. instructed via a number of voices, As I Lay loss of life vividly brings to existence Faulkner's imaginary South, considered one of literature's nice invented landscapes, and is replete with the poignant, impoverished, violent, and hypnotically attention-grabbing characters that have been his trademark. besides a brand new Foreword through E. L. Doctorow, this version reproduces the corrected textual content of As I Lay loss of life as confirmed in 1985 via Faulkner specialist Noel Polk.

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