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Thus, used is, as in the unmodified wind- = 4, in Fig. 15, y = 9, s = 9 +1 -j = 19. Coil 1 is connected to coil 10, etc. '3CiO' It will also from each be noted that those segments 2 other are connected together. The number of segments = ~360~1 - s, of which -, at distances of ^~ from each other, are connected together. If every other one of the radial connections from the coils to the commutator are discarded, the winding becomes once more the circuit, At plain, long-connection, two- gramme winding.

Instead of having the objectionable crossings at the terminals of the coils, as shown in Fig. 18, page 37, alternate coils should be wound right and only be useful in cases where at one end, left all handedly. This would the connecting which should be avoided when is possible. done [CHAP. iir. Fig. TWO 1 8 CIRCUIT, SINGLE WINDING. Fig. TWO 1 9 CIRCUIT, SINGLE WINDING. ] TWO-CIRCUIT, SINGLE-WOUND, MULTIPOLAR RINGS. Instead of connecting together in pairs coils lying in fields of opposite polarity, as in Figs.

THE next class is that of the two-circuit, multiple-wound, long-connection ring windings. The general formula is, n s=-xym, where = number of coils, n = number of poles, y = pitch, m = number of windings. F. of "y" and "m" shall be made equal tp 1. Figure 20 represents a two-circuit, doubly re-entrant, double-wound ring armature. common " factor of " y 8=26, n=4, m=2. m common factor of y (12) and (2) is 2. Therefore the winding will be doubly re-entrant. the position shown, coils 24 and 12, in series, are short-circuited by the negative brush.

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