By Darlene Gardner

A rugged stranger asking questions...Sierra Whitmore figures the man is simply a journalist doing his activity. that is ahead of the reserved surgeon offers in to the robust allure simmering among them. prior to she discovers the genuine cause Ben Nash got here to Indigo Springs.Uncovering the reality at the back of his mother's dying appears Ben's riding project. but if his quest finds a mystery in Sierra's family, how can she ask this passionate, honorable guy to choose from her and justice? or perhaps Ben has already made his selection. specially if he is familiar with that exposing the previous may perhaps fee him his future...with Sierra.

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He asked. ” “They’re staring at you,” he corrected. She crossed her arms over her chest and ran her hands up and down the bare skin of her upper arms. ” “Because you look fantastic,” he countered. She shook her head, uncrossed her arms, ran a hand over her mouth, then lowered her voice another half octave. ” “I’m not sure what you mean,” he said. ” She leaned forward so only he could hear. He could smell something light and flowery. Not perfume, like he’d thought earlier today. Scented shampoo.

She stopped in front of one of the more classy residences. A wrought-iron railing led to a redbrick door. A pot of colorful flowers adorned the ledge protruding from the front window. The entire home emanated grace and beauty, like its owner. She tucked a strand of her long hair behind her ear, which struck him as sensual. Then again, at this point just about every move she made was sexy. ” He nearly laughed aloud. ” Her cheeks colored, charming him all over again. He lightly rubbed the back of his knuckles against the stain, then pulled his hand back.

Ben didn’t break stride, which wouldn’t sit well with Joe. The two of them sometimes grabbed a meal together after working late, but Joe was, above all, his boss. ” He nearly plowed into the diminutive editor of the business section, muttered a hurried apology and kept going. Bypassing the elevator, he ran lightly down two floors of stairs and emerged on the second floor. It was a neater version of the newsroom, with the piles of paper and files reporters typically kept on their desks largely absent.

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