By Bernie Weisgerber

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Chronicle of the Early American Industries Association. XXX. June. Mercer, Henry C. 1967. The origin of log houses in the United States. Doylestown, PA: Bucks County Historical Society. 31 p. Gamble, James D. 1986. Broad axes. ISBN: 09617220-0-2. Los Altos, CA: Tanro Co. Phelps, Hermann. 1982. The craft of log building. ISBN: 0-9691019-1-0. Ottawa, Ontario: Lee Valley Tools. 328 p. Goodman, W. L. 1964. The history of woodworking tools. London: G. Bell and Sons. 208 p. ; Kendrick, Clyde H. 1985.

You don’t want any splinters or rough wood there. 26 Figure 60 42% 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 8 x8 Print to Outside Edge of Borders PRINT Borders Figure 60—Rough up the lower 6 inches of the butt section of the handle with a wood rasp. This rough section will give purchase, or grip, to your stationary hand at the bottom of the ax handle. Figure 61 42% 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 8 x8 Print to Outside Edge of Borders PRINT Borders Figure 61—Apply a light coat of raw linseed oil if it is available, or boiled linseed oil if it is not.

Link Handle Company is the largest manufacturer of hickory striking tool handles and farming tool handles in the United States. The Link family of handle makers operates factories in Salem, IN; Sequatchie, TN; Crossville, TN; and Hope, AR. The company can create almost any ax handle from the patterns shown in its catalog and from its inventory of less-popular handle patterns. P. Link Handle Company 403 S. ” Peavey does not manufacture axes, but it does make a host of log-moving and log-working tools and handles, including cant hooks, draw shaves, and its namesake tool, the Peavey.

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