By James W. Gould

There is a standard trust that till lately american citizens have hottest isolation to curiosity in distant components equivalent to Southeast Asia. This thesis should be proven by means of studying the background of yank kinfolk with a spot at the contrary aspect of the globe from the USA. the sort of land is Sumatra. it really is one of many greatest islands on the earth. Its I66,789 sq. mile region exceeds that of the 3rd greatest American nation, California, and is bigger than Italy. mendacity midway world wide from the USA, its I050 mile size is sort of divided by way of the equator, which runs throughout it for 285 miles. Sumatra's strategic value is two-fold. to begin with, it's the first island stepping stone from the Asiatic mainland into the Australasian archipelago. This used to be established in I942 while the USA stationed planes on Sumatra in an try to stem the japanese increase southward. Secondly, it lies athwart the shortest sea routes from jap Asia to Europe and the japanese usa. Sumatra's southern tip types one aspect of the Straits of Sunda which guards the entry to the Java, China and Philippine Seas. on the island's northern tip is the doorway to the Straits of Malacca, the shortest sea lane be­ tween the close to and much East. the outlet of the Suez Canal in I869 shifted the shortest direction among the some distance East and the Western international from the Sunda to the Malacca Straits.

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They are: rubber, oil, tin and pepper. In addition several other Indonesian imports to the United States come from Sumatra: cassia (seventh most important export), sisal (tenth), patchouli oil (fifteenth), palm oil (seventeenth) and tobacco wrapper (eighteenth). However, any Indonesian will ask himself whether it is a good state of affairs when one country sells so much to another. And so will any fair-minded American ask the same question: Is this a colonial relationship? The colonial relationship meant that an imperial power forced a weaker colony to supply the produce of its labor and soil, to the great profit of the imperial country.

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Most of the profits on raw materials go to the producer, whether it be an American rubber company which opened the jungle, or the Indonesian government operating the Banka tin mines, or the smallholder growing rubber in Djambi. The American consumer has always paid a fair price to the producer. In fact, if anything distinguishes American trade with this area, it is the fact that Americans periodically pay too much, bringing on the great price booms like 1918, 1929, 1941 and 1951, which rise like balloons, only to come to earth with great crashes.

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