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It really is infrequent that we believe ourselves to be partaking in background. but, as Bertrand Russell saw, philosophy develops in line with the demanding situations of socio-cultural difficulties and events. The present-day philosophical exercise is caused no longer through one or , yet through a conundrum of difficulties and controversies during which the forces wearing existence are set opposed to one another.

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Thus the critical issues show up and means for preventing their occurrence will appear: all this can contribute to the programme of quality improvement. We can define a 'criticality coefficient' C as C = P(probability) x S(seriousness) x D(detectability) and the most critical faults will correspond to the highest values of C. Example 10 We consider the application of the FMA method to an adjusting device for a headlight beam - a component that would be supplied to an automobile manufacturer by subcontractors.

To apply these equations to any actual problem we have to know the transition probabilities Pij' For the reliability problem we are studying we have failure rate A = M;BF repair rate Il = 1 MTTR If there are a number of repair stations working independently the mean time to repair is reduced by that number and therefore Il is increased. 15 Transition graph leading to state-change differential equations. (b) Availability of a simple system: solution of the equations The simplest system consists of a single element; this element could of course be the representation of a more complex system for which we knew the failure and repair rates for the system as a whole.

I) Block-schematic reliability calculation A series system (Fig. 9 Block schematic for serial system. Quantitative analysis: failure rates, reliability laws 33 A parallel system (Fig. 10 Block schematic for parallel system. A general system can always be represented as a collection of series and parallel subsystems, themselves connected in series and/or parallel. Thus for the system in Fig. 11 Block schematic for series paral1el system. Rs = R 1R 2 [1 - (1 - R 3 )][1 - (1 - R 4 )] x [1 - (1 - R s)][1 - (1 - R 6 )][1 - (1 - R7 )] x [1 - (1 - R s)] 34 Reliability in the choice of technology (ii) Reliability scenario An item of equipment may operate in different modes, in different places and under different conditions at different times - for example, idle, transported to a new site, put into operation there.

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