By John M. F. Wright

John Martin Frederick Wright bargains a full of life account of Cambridge college in Alma Mater; Or, Seven Years on the college of Cambridge. released anonymously in 1827, Wright's two-volume paintings captures the triumphs and tribulations of undergraduate existence at Cambridge, established upon his personal years as an aspiring mathematician at Trinity university. This moment quantity covers Wright's final undergraduate years and studies as a personal educate, including copies of examinations and lists of scholarships to be had in any respect the universities. Wright committed his occupation as a author and personal instruct to aiding scholars be successful at college, and Alma Mater is designed to provide mom and dad and aspiring scholars perception into the arrangements, highbrow in addition to monetary, useful for fulfillment. A lively defence of Cambridge traditions within the face of broader academic reforms, Alma Mater additionally brings to lifestyles a interval of severe highbrow job in British arithmetic.

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