By Alastair Morgan

During this vital and interesting e-book, Alastair Morgan bargains a close exam of the concept that of lifestyles in Adorno’s philosophy. He relates Adorno’s suggestion during this context to a couple of key thinkers within the background of continental philosophy, together with Marx, Hegel, Heidegger and Agamben, and offers a controversy for the relevance and significance of Adorno’s severe philosophy of lifestyles in the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Crucially, Morgan deals a brand new framework for knowing the relation among techniques of existence and a severe philosophy.

The idea of lifestyles has formerly got little awareness in Adorno scholarship. but it is a continuing subject and challenge operating all through Adorno’s paintings, from his early reviews of life-philosophies to his past due philosophy of metaphysical event because the risk of existence. the concept that Adorno’s philosophy is short of or missing in a primary ontology has been the topic of loads of serious realization, yet this has hardly ever been tested via an research of the idea that of existence. in addition, philosophies of existence have noticeable a resurgence in recent times (particularly with a renewed curiosity in Bergson’s philosophy through the severe reception of Deleuze’s philosophy).

Adorno’s thought of Life is an important and well timed examine that provides a particular interpretation of Adorno’s philosophy, and may be of crucial curiosity to someone engaged on Adorno.

Furthermore, it presents a robust interpretation of the serious strength of Adorno’s philosophy, that would give a contribution to the renewed curiosity within the suggestion of existence inside modern philosophy.

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He writes that as a noun the term first came to prominence in the 1870s, when it was used in biographical writing. Erlebnis, with its use of the prefix er-, added to the word for 'living', lebnis, gives a deepening sense to the verb that follows it. 22 There is a clear link between the terminology of Erlebnis, which first enters concrete philosophical usage with Dilthey, and the life-philosophy that was examined in the previous chapter, which serves as a philosophical critique of scientific, positivist thought by privileging modes of experiencing which are in sorne sense deeper than the rational formulations of enlightenment thought.

14 The idea of immortality is not tied to continuing self-preservation, but to an idea of transcendence and independence intrinsic to the moment of consciousness, and is most liberated when the task of self-preservation is least necessary, the example Adorno gives being cases of severe debility. Within the experience of death lies its opposite, the experience oftranscendence, of continuation, as an 'unmixed' element of consciousness, something intrinsic to consciousness itself. Alongside this attempt to deal with death by exorcising it from life, the reality of death when it looms becomes more consuming and liable to cause panic in 30 Adorno's Concept ofLife humans.

The pre-history of subjectivity lies in a denial of nature in humanity and releases a dominating irrationality, which controls both outward and inward nature. This is a nucleus for Adorno of aIl civilizing rationality, and therefore, at the very heart of aIl history lies this domination. What exactly this domination is, is perplexing. What is the inner and the outer nature that is being dominated, and what is the relationship between the inner and outer prior to the formation of the self? How does the self experience itself as dominating, and what is being dominated?

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