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India is a smaller user of adhesives, with 6% of the regional volume and 5% of the value. Like China, it is one of the few countries in the world to have experienced modest adhesive growth in 2009. Adhesives in India are projected to expand 11% per year through 2014. Europe is the second-largest regional consumer of formulated adhesives, with 30% of the world’s volume and 32% of the value Adhesives & Sealants Industry | 37 THE GLOBAL FORMULATED ADHESIVES MARKET in 2009. Europe had been the leader in adhesive dollars prior to 2009.

In contrast, production in Asia-Pacific remained about the same as output surged in China. Some 810 million vehicles are on the world’s roads, with adhesives used by both the professional and consumer. Excluded from automotive adhesives are windshield sealants, a nearly $600 million market in 2009, as well as several other sealant types. The five largest adhesive applications took 80% of the adhesive volume in 2009 and twothirds of the value. Figure 2 shows adhesive consumption by end use in dollars for 2009.

In addition, some manufacturers perform larger scale weathering chamber tests in drive-in solar/climate chambers or solar/wind tunnels. Until recently, adhesives and sealants manufacturers or users had few options for accelerated weather durability testing on 3-D or full-size products or test fixtures. However, advances in largescale full-spectrum solar simulation (in combination with climatic tests) are now available as commercial testing services or equipment. For example, several large solar simulation climate chambers can be used for accelerated weather testing of photovoltaic solar panels.

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