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More formal discussions should include not only lay rescuers but also professional responders. In these discussions participants should be encouraged to describe what happened and to relive the event. It is natural and healthy to do this. Most reactions will diminish within a few days. 130 A great deal of controversy surrounds the concept of CISDs. Local policies should determine when these debriefings are appropriate and how they should be conducted. Specially trained teams may be available to organize and conduct CISDs.

Because one of the primary goals of medical therapy is to preserve life, there is a strong presumption in favor of giving CPR, and the standard of care remains that CPR should be initiated promptly unless specific contraindications exist. The purpose of this section is to guide healthcare providers in making difficult decisions about starting and stopping CPR. These are guidelines only. 138 © 2006 American Heart Association 56 DNAR Orders Beneficence and advocacy are values that encourage the healthcare provider to defend each patient’s best interest.

This term is used to focus attention on the needs of the infant at and immediately after birth (including the first hours of life) and until that newborn leaves the hospital. • Includes the neonatal period and extends to the age of 1 year (12 months). • For the purposes of this text, the term child refers to 1 year of age to the onset of puberty. • For the purposes of BLS HCP (not lay rescuers), the term adult applies to victims from the onset of puberty through adulthood. Respiratory failure or arrest is a common cause of cardiac arrest during infancy and childhood.

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