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The first wave of abortion legislation in American history emerged from the struggles of both legislators and physicians to control medical practice rather than from public pressures to deal with abortion per se" (pp. 42-43). Mohr also points out that a major loophole in all of the laws "was the necessity to prove intent, which was simply impossible to do, given the tolerant attitude of the American courts toward abortion when an irregular physician treated an unquickened woman for something he claimed he thought was not pregnancy" (p.

Biographical Sketches 69 Mary Cunningham Agee 69 Luz Alvarez-Martinez 70 Byllye Avery 71 Janet Benshoof 73 Judie Brown 74 Wanda Franz 75 Page viii Jeannie Wallace French 76 David Grimes 77 Warren Hern 79 Jane Hodgson 81 Henry Hyde 82 Molly Kelly 84 Frances Kissling 85 Kate Michelman 87 Bernard Nathanson 88 Joseph Scheidler 89 Patricia Schroeder 90 Eleanor Smeal 92 Christopher Smith 93 Randall Terry 94 Sarah Weddington 96 John C. Willke 97 3. Facts and Statistics 99 Abortion Laws and Policies 100 Worldwide 100 Further Reading 101 United States 103 A Snapshot of State Abortion Laws 105 Further Reading 107 Landmark Court Cases 108 Griswold v.

Chapter 2 contains biographical sketches of some of the current key players in the debate, including activists, doctors, lawyers, and politicians. Chapter 3 contains statistical and factual information about abortion, including laws and policies; statistics; information on access to abortion services and harassment of abortion providers; public opinion about abortion; abortion techniques, complications, and risks; and embryonic and fetal development. Chapter 4 is an annotated directory of organizations, including activist groups, research organizations, educational organizations, legal defense funds, political lobbying groups, and support services, including alternatives to abortion.

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