By Mary Smith, Chris Bunyan

Книга A Shetland Knitters workstation посвящена вязанию, приведены описания, схемы узоров

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I found that indexing my notes this way helped me to get to a finer-grained, more thoughtful level of analysis than I might have by other means. Using my analysis memos and notes from my ethnographic journal as a basis, I wrote numerous memos about issues that were emerging as important concepts in the study, issues which eventually formed the basis of the dissertation and its organizational themes. In undertaking discourse and/or semiotic analysis, the works of Buckingham (1993), Lutz and Collins (1993), Radway (1984), and van Dijk (1993) have been of particular importance to me.

IRC experienced a financial crisis in the early 1990s, and, as a result, the leadership has worked hard since that time to put the organization on a more sensible financial footing. The effort has paid off. 70 (Illinois Reading Council 1994a). 42 What Is a Reading Council? Why Reading?  Because they are a volunteer organization, almost all of the labor to produce council events, publications, etc. is donated. If this labor donation were to be given a dollar amount and counted as a donation to the organization, the group’s assets would soar immensely.

Their activities are guided by the charter and bylaws of the organization. In addition there is a plethora of committees; some reflect the national organization’s initiatives and some are the result of state or local initiatives. For instance, across the nation, state councils and their local counterparts will have committees or an individual dedicated to overseeing the annual Honor Council application process or the Newspaper in Education work. There are two kinds of committees: standing (permanently established) and ad hoc (temporarily established).

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