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D;4. 1) di 4 prep. 'from' 08 di; Ir de, di < IE *de10: 105; lEW: 182; MJ: 272; Lambert: 19R7, 2RR; Cacrwyn Williams: 1948. 1-10 dimedichat Chad 2 bichet paniu pet guarid. did di aries Comp 19 anu di iuno gl. b. enuein di iunoni gl. a. anu di iuno gI. a. enuein di Sibellae int hinn gI. Erytria quacque ('umea cst vel Phrigia Me II h. b. nomen di cretae gl. a. nomen di tauro gl. h. diapcrthou gl. munerihus Ovid J7 h hin map di ioh gl. r 10 'mystery, wonder' ? For the paleography of this difficult line see I.

Williams, who notcd that W disgyr ~scream, shout' is not a suitable comparanda. Instead he refers to MIr discir 'fierce' and doescair 'mean'. It was argued by Jackson, that these two Irish words are unrelated (cf. LElA: D-98), and the meaning 'fierce' does not fit the context. He holds that the word consists of a negative or adversative prefix (di.. or dy.. ), and the stern *SCOT· 'host'; then I&no great host". He admits, however, that the double final ~r is unparalleled. R. Bromwich in her commentary to I.

Douhollce;nf nOID. arel. 'forty' See douceint. DGVB: 232 is douhouceint gl. XL Ang. 59b douid see •••erdutoa ti pint•••• dreb n? According t~ ]. Loth, this is a word for 'las'. VVB: 113 guarirdreb gl. 8. drissi n pi 'briers, brambles, thornbushes' [drysi] MW drys(s)i, dris(si); DC dreis g1. uepres, OB drisoc gl. dumetum; OIr driss gl. , with a syncope of the first vowel. 'i are thoroughly ohscure", Schrijver: 413. OPC: 1089~ lEW: 278-9; LElA: D-IR2; VVB: 113--4 drus gl. claustrum J 66 duiutit n m 'divinity' MW dwydit A -tit derivative of OW (LL) (Juiu, OC dlly gl.

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