By Bercovier M., Livne E.

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She'd made a big show of welcoming Keelie, and her house at the edge of a clearing was the site of the welcome party in Keelie's honor. The guests were all probably anxious to stare at the half-human child that Zekeliel, Keliatiel's son--the Tree Shepherd himself--had brought home. His daughter. The one who wasn't elf enough to marry Lord Niriel's son. The thought made Keelie break into a run again. What would she say to them? And worse--how could she keep them from seeing how much it hurt her to see Sean but not to be able to hold his hand?

Sean's eyes widened with surprise. " She hoped it wasn't a duty she'd have to be a part of. It sounded hot and dirty, and she didn't think she could take the sight of Sean making swords, maybe stripped to the waist, all hot and sweaty. Of course, elves didn't sweat. But still, he'd be hot. Keelie tingled all the way from the top of her head down to her toes. Her body was a total traitor, too. Sean belonged to someone else--so stop with the excited tingles, she told herself. Dad leaned across the table and handed the plate of watercress sandwiches to her.

The Dread had nestled in deep pockets in the old woods, and her next step made her gasp as a strong eddy of the curse made her human fear spike. She squeezed her rose quartz in her fist, thinking of what Sir Davey, her Earth magic teacher, had said over and over to her this summer: Pull on the earth, let the rocks below ground you. The fear ebbed and she ran on, looking up now and then for the dark wings of the hawk she'd worked so hard to rehabilitate. She could not let anything happen to Ariel.

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