By Cathryn Jakicic

Beading fundamentals together with Loops, Crimps, and Wraps, Plus how to Make your individual Earring Wires
The designs are separated into sections highlighting one fabric or subject matter. each one part contains a whole set of step by step directions and a handful of straightforward, but specific, adaptations.

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Canals are frontline areas for habitat restoration. Even if each habitat is small, they can be networked along the canal. • Restoring shallows in the bay is a crucial part of the action plan. A good understanding of the potential of the bay as habitat and an ecosystem-based approach to harmonise with the holistic system of the bay is important. Establishment of public participation mechanisms. • Enhance people’s awareness and understanding of the environmental problems in Tokyo Bay. • Let people act for what they wish; show/explain the results obtained by their actions.

Annual report of the Tokyo Metropolitan Research Institute for Environmental Protection, Tokyo, pp 141–150 Asai T, Ozasa H, Murakami K (1997) Effects of physical parameter on sessile assemblage. Technical Note of Port and Harbour Research Institute, Japan, 880, 27 p Asakura K (1907) Red tide in Tokyo Bay. J Meteorol Soc Jpn 34:451 p (in Japanese) Central Council for Environment (2004) Direction of 6th water quality control by total quantity, Report of the experts committee for water quality control by total quantity, Japan, 13 p Committee of editing board for historical record of Tokyo Inner Bay fisheries (1971) Historical Record of Tokyo Inner Bay Fisheries, Publishing Party of Historical Record of Tokyo Inner Bay Fisheries, 853 p (In Japanese) Furota T (2005) Importance of network system among benthic-animal local populations in bay waters.

Thus, habitat restoration in tidal courses should consider this type of circulation features. Satoh et al. (2006) illustrated the complexity of water circulation in the canal. The secondary canal was stratified and water in the primary canal was well mixed. Nevertheless, these differences were not simply determined by the canal being secondary or primary but instead by freshwater input, tidal range and topography. Detailed water circulation was determined by float experiments that incorporated public participation.

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