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Mr Obama is a powerful campaigner and fund-raiser. And John Edwards has a lot of support in the early primary states and with the unions. John Kerry was languishing at 9% in a Gallup poll of Democratic voters in January 2004. By early February he had leapt to 52%. But so far nothing has even begun to disturb the dynamic of the race, with the Democrats cruising confidently ahead of the Republicans and Mrs Clinton cruising confidently ahead of her Democratic rivals. Today's Republican Party bears a striking resemblance to Britain's Conservatives in the dying days of John Major's administration.

8m eligible voters to cast their ballots and more than half of those who vote to support it. Even with the bonus of American opposition, that may be too high a bar. Copyright © 2007 The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group. All rights reserved. Myanmar's constitutional convention A charter for thugocracy Sep 6th 2007 | BANGKOK From The Economist print edition Reuters The curtain falls on a long-running farce, with Myanmar no nearer democracy Get article background AFTER 14 years of intermittent meetings and tortured prevarication, a constitutional commission appointed by Myanmar's junta has come up with the answer it first thought of: to entrench military rule in the benighted country.

For 14 years Taiwan has vainly been applying for UN membership under the name “Republic of China”. Mr Chen launched the new bid in July and has backed it with a public-relations campaign that will culminate in a mass rally on September 15th, three days before the annual session of the UN General Assembly. The referendum is in part designed to win votes for Mr Chen's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in presidential and legislative elections. The DPP's roots are in the Taiwan independence movement, though in office it has toned down its rhetoric.

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