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Google: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition

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T. might perceive a Thus, light wavelengths are a bit more Having applied all these measures, there is shorter or longer spectrum of visible light, and complicated and are only thus due to perceived that last 1% to tidy up, in terms of some focal if they could describe to you what they saw, visible light by the human eye. Blue (475nm) is details and some slight textural suggestions of various lit planes to suggest different surface materials. 14). When there is no further changes that you feel are required to sell this image convincingly, it is best to stop and keep some element of energy, mood and atmosphere.

Chapter 1: Environments Concept art for Games Concept Art for Games: Part 1 - Environments Software Used: Photoshop Introduction The assignment for this tutorial is to design the environment for a fictional game universe that takes place on a prison planet. In this first part I will focus on the main shot that establishes the main area. This scene will help set up the tone, style and direction for all the following concepts. I’ve decided to design the prison as an underground facility. The prisoners are mining deep within it and the whole structure is shielded from the hostile environment due to the fact it is below the planet’s surface.

04). I try to keep the prison. To do this I focus on the reflective quality direction of the light has been incorporated by background fairly vague without emphasizing where the light source hits the surface and paint now. In these early stages I block everything in too much detail. 06). 03). This gives divert the viewer’s attention from the main focus me a good overview and allows me to consider of the concept. com page 49 Issue 055 July 2010 PMS COLORED 116 U 404 U ® modo is for artists 3D image created in modo by Luxology.

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