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How can you best hold on to the water? Would it be a semi-circle? Would it be a straight line? Think about how your hand moves and describe it. Step 2: Now, get in the water and swim several laps of freestyle. Focus on the path of your hand through the arm stroke on the horizontal plane. From the entry, it should start wide, then sweep inward under your belly button, then finally out past your hip. Step 3: Swim several laps of freestyle again. Focus on the path of your hand through the arm stroke on the vertical plane.

Notice the alignment of your arm. At this point in the stroke–before the extension–you hand is pointing inward, not straight ahead as it should be. Try it again, reaching to full elbow extension after the entry. Repeat, finding your extension with each stroke. Drill feedback chart Problem Modification It feels like I lose my The extension does add another beat to the stroke. It also rhythm if I add the exten- aligns your body forward in the water, reducing drag and sion before the catch. allowing you to produce forward motion with less effort.

Also use the line on the bottom of the pool to avoid going off course. I am not staying Push off a bit deeper and with much more force. The more underwater well. forward motion you create, the better you will stay submerged. I float to the sur- Also, be sure you are looking down at the bottom of the pool face quickly. and not forward. When I push off Modification: It takes practice to know your depth. Make sure the wall, I end your arms are correctly aligned with the rest of your body, aimup very deep.

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